We are getting MARRIED!

Okay it is not everyday you stab yourself in the eye putting your contacts in because you get scared of your phone ringing...okay wait, for me it happens more than I should be willing to admit. But that's exactly what happened when An called me last week and told me she was getting married in a week and she wanted me to capture her engagements before hand. I don't care how crazy October is for me, I was not going to miss the chance of capturing this chapter for An and Sean, they are just to perfect for each other. Not to forget, An was there when I first started dating my now husband... (she was our HR at Target). She was there for me then and now I get to be there for her.

When I asked how An and Sean met, An was quick to tell me they met on Halloween and a week later they went on their first date...Okay how cute is that? I don't get a lot of Halloween romances, but when I do, I am all here for it.

We started talking more about their relationship and more about their wedding planning and that's when she told me that next week (October 5th, which was yesterday) they are going to the courthouse to make it official, but the big wedding...well it's next year and it's going to be in

R O M E !!! Okay, hold up, can I please be in your suitcase, I have a passport, I can eat crackers and drink water all day...when do we leave?!?

The more and more An (and later Sean) tells me about their relationship and the future together, I just knew they were perfect for each other, and I am so HAPPY for them.


We captured An and Sean's engagement pictures at Elmer W Oliver Nature Park in Mansfield, Tx. The weather was absolutely perfect for a Sunday evening. I always shoot during golden hour, and it did not disappoint.