Joy & Tim

Downtown McKinney is an amazing location for an urban engagement session without driving to Dallas. There is so many amazing spots to photograph even without searching for them.

We started shooting at the stunning mural that is located next to Arcade 92 right off Virgina Street. When you shoot right around sunset, the sun cast this amazing glow against that green backdrop.

Joy and Tim wanted to walk the streets to find another great spot that make for a fantastic photo op. We ended up walking a few blocks and found some amazing walls that are cover with different textures and colors.

How did you meet?

Joy had been attending the As One Life Group at Cottonwood Creek church since the inception of the class, and when Tim moved from California in January of 2021, he joined Joy's class. Tim was immediately smitten with how funny and snarky Joy was but was too shy to say anything to her just yet. Meanwhile, Joy saw the new guy in class and was instantly taken by his green eyes and dimples. One Sunday after church the class went to Scotty P's in McKinney, Tim was on one end of the table with Joy on the other. Joy was a bit hangry and was looking at the food window hoping her food would be ready when low and behold, Tim turns and looks down to her end of the table blocking her view of her potential food order. Instead of smiling and saying something sweet, Joy tells him to move his head because she can't see the food. Later that day Joy reached out to Tim to apologize for being rude, which lead to messaging for hours and they never stopped talking.

What was your first date?

Our first date we went to Pluckers in Allen, Tim wasn't very familiar with the area yet because he'd only been living in Texas just over two months, so Joy picked Pluckers thinking it would be a nice and casual place to eat. It wasn't a horrible choice, but it was loud. Once they finished eating, they walked around and ended up sitting at the park area of Villages of Allen and talking until Joy had to get home and get her son to bed.

I want to hear all about the proposal, don't leave anything out.

Christmas morning after everyone in Joy's family was finished opening their presents, including the amazing towels Joy bought for Tim, they were very plush and luscious towels, everyone got up and was doing their own thing when Tim nervously dropped to his knee and asked Joy to be his wife and family forever. Joy said, "YES!" And kissed him and put the ring on right away, but then started to poke and prod to know if he was serious and when did he have time to buy a ring because she didn't think it would happen on Christmas.

Afterward, they walked into the kitchen and told her parents, brother and son the exciting news!

Thank you,

I can't wait to capture Joy and Tim's magical day in Allen, TX in September. Their fall wedding is going to be amazing!

Until next time,