Happy 10th Anniversary!

I have known Monica for about three years. She is a fellow photographer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we hit if off almost immediately. So when she asked me to capture her and Victor's 10th Anniversary, I said YES!

We spent the afternoon at Arlington Hall and Turtle creek (they are with in seconds of each other). The weather was perfect, and the landscape was stunning. It was seriously the most amazing day to capture their on going love for each other.


How They Met:

Victor and I met through a good friend of mine who thought we would be perfect for each other. We talked on the phone for a few weeks prior to actually going on a date. Since I'd never gone out with anyone I'd never met, I decided to drive. Just in case this went bad .. lol. We enjoyed a wonderful evening full of great conversation and tons of laughter. We've been together every since that day. We often joke that we are an April fool's joke because our first date was April 1st.


Advice for Newlyweds

1. Make time for one another and continue to date each other. Work, children, friends, and life in general can take up so much time. Be sure to carve out time for each other and remind each other of why you fell in love.

2. Choose to love one another Always. Marriage is hard work but it's worth it to have someone to do life with.

3. Communication is key. Talk about everything. It will be easy to discuss the small things but make sure to communicate the hard things as well.