Congratulations Gracie & Carter

This past weekend I was nervous that the icy weather in Texas was going to put a damper on Gracie and Carter's engagement session. But it was the complete opposite. It felt like fall even though it was the beginning of February. Even though the trees were bare and had no signs of leaves anywhere, the Botanical Garden was stunning. I waited as close to sun set as possible to get a nice golden hue around Gracie's beautiful brunette hair. And the wait was well worth it.

The area was slightly busy with other couples, but we found some pretty amazing areas. Some of my favorite spots include the walking path and the new back patio that was add to the front office. It is a fun area that gives a lot of variety to some romantic posing. The wooden steps were exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to get some of Gracie and Carter cuddling close to each other.

Check out their romantic engagement session below.

Congratulations again to Gracie and Carter, I can't wait for their May wedding at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Stay Blessed