Do you have a dream wedding venue that you have always imagined yourself getting married at? Is it a giant mansion that has a spiral staircase that you picture yourself waking down with your dress fully out stretch? Is it an all white rustic barn that a balcony that looks over the reception hall? Maybe it has all of that, or maybe none of that. Over the next month or so I will be sharing my favorite venues in North Texas.

The Nest at Ruth Farms

This stunning venue is located in Ponder Texas. It was established in 2017, but if you know anything about the venue, it's history goes back way before it hosted it's very first wedding.

The venue sits on 36 acres, with the venue up toward the front of the land. It is an all white barn, with an open space design. It can accommodate up to 300 guest and still leave plenty of room for your DJ or band.

Once you enter through the front doors, and go toward your right, you will see the stunning and spacious Bridal Suite. The suite is fitted with the perfect lighting and mirrors to satisfy any bride and perfect for all make-up and hair artist. Every bride loves getting pampered, and in this space, she will not have a problem doing so. Toward the back of the room, you will find the prefect location to put your amazing gown on display.

With it being at the front of the venue, the bride has windows to check to see who has arrived for her special day. And don't forget, with it be all white, the getting ready pictures are a dream for your photographer.

On the other side of the reception hall, you will find the grooms suite, it over looks the ceremony site that is in the back by the pond. It comes equipped with a TV and enough space for the groom and his men to get ready.

The two rooms are far enough away from each other, so either the bride or groom will have plenty of room to move about without seeing each other.

My favorite area, will have to be the main part of the venue, the reception hall. It is GIANT! you have two main sets of doors, a front and back set, that leads your guest to the center of the venue. The space is large enough for sitting and a nice dance floor toward the middle. It is an all white reception hall as well, so lighting in there is going to be bright and romantic. There are rooms on the side of the reception hall that serves perfectly for the cocktail hour or for additional lounge around area.

Above the front door you will see the balcony, this isn't a place for extra sitting. but more so for pictures. I am thinking bridal pictures here will be a dream.

Out toward the back doors you will see a stone path leading to one of the main ceremony sites. It is located on a cemented platform next to the water. It's set up perfectly for Texas weather. You don't have to worry about your heels getting stuck in the dirt. When the bride walks down the aisle she will have the gorgeous view of the venue behind her. It makes for a perfect back drop for her to stand out. There is not a lot of trees in this area for shade, so the sun will be even across the ceremony.

A secondary location for a smaller ceremony is the front entrance. In the front there is a circle path that makes for a very intimate occasion. The bride would be coming out the front doors toward the middle of the front yard (still on a cemented path). Up here there are some trees that are tall enough to block some of the sun light, but again, it is set up for a smaller ceremony.

And if it rains, you do have the option to set up your ceremony up in the reception hall. All three location are a dream and perfect. It's a way to make your special day, one of a kind.

Everything about this wedding is perfect. From the white walls to the balcony to beautiful stone walking path, it all is designed to make your magical day exceptional. If you have not checked out this venue, please do. The staff is amazing, and they make you feel like you are a part of the family. They are now booking for 2021 and 2022 weddings.