Courthouse weddings...

they are seriously my favorite type of spring weddings. With all the changes in the weddings this past year, I find myself capturing a lot more of these.

I got a call Thursday afternoon from Dillon's sister-n-law. They were trying to find a photographer that was available last minute for a courthouse wedding that was the following day. I do not typically shoot weddings during the week, during the day, but after hearing about their wedding being changed and postponed so much, I could not say no.

Friday afternoon I headed to the square in downtown Denton. I was greeted with some of India's family. They are seriously the S W E E T E S T people ever. Waiting for our wonderful bride and groom to show up, I learned that they had to postpone their wedding twice and final this week they decided to just go to the courthouse. They waited so long for this, they were just ready to be husband and wife.

India showed up a delicate white spaghetti strap dress and Dillon was in a solid white button up and blue dress pants. They looked perfect for the occasion. We held their ceremony outside in front of the courthouse. The second they turned to look at each other, India broke down into tears. She has been waiting for this day for so long. You can see the love they have for each other, and I was so honored to be a part of it. After a beautiful ceremony, I was able to capture some fun bride and groom formal pictures around downtown.

Even though they did not get the wedding they wanted, they did get to marry the person they always dreamed of marrying.

Congratulations to the new MR & MRS

E L L I S!